Dovedale, Derbyshire

A Topogrpahical and Statistical Description of Derby etc by George Alexander Cooke (1810)

The Dove, which is said to derive its name from the glossy blue or purple colour of the water, which resembles the colour of the bird of the same name, rises in the Peak in Derbyshire at a little distane to the south of Buxton, and running south east divides this county from Staffordshire and falls into the Trent, a few miles north of Burton-upon-Trent a considerable market town in Staffordshire. This river sometimes swells on the pace of twelve hours to an amazing height, and frequently carries away whole flocks of sheep and herds of cattle,and returns as suddenly to its natural channel. These inundations are occasioned by shots of water, which this river frequently receives in its course through so mountainous a country. The Dove is remarkable for producing a fish called graylings, and for trouts, which are esteemed the best in England.

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 Chapter 43 
He then asked her to walk into the house; but she declared herself not tired, and they stood together on the lawn. At such a time much might have been said, and silence was very awkward. She wanted to talk, but there seemed an embargo on every subject. At last she recollected that she had been travelling, and they talked of Matlock and Dovedale with great perseverance…

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