Matlock, Derbyshire

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide Through Great Britain (1803):

Matlock Bath is a village seated on the river Derwent. It has two baths, whose waters are warm, and the place is much frequented in the bathing season. It is an extensive straggling village, built in the romantic style, on the steep side of a mountain, the houses rising regularly one above another, form the bottom nearly to the summit. There are good accommodations of the company who resort to the baths; and the poorer inhabitants are supported by the sale of petrifications, crystals and other curiosities of nature. Notwithstanding the rockiness of the soil, the cliffs of the rocks produce an immense number of trees, whose foliage adds greatly to the beauty of the place.

Inns: Old and New Baths.

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 Chapter 43 
He then asked her to walk into the house; but she declared herself not tired, and they stood together on the lawn. At such a time much might have been said, and silence was very awkward. She wanted to talk, but there seemed an embargo on every subject. At last she recollected that she had been travelling, and they talked of Matlock and Dovedale with great perseverance…

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