As you all probably know, each year we include a "Rocky Horror" viewing of a Jane Austen adaptation. That is we have a script and props and participate in our favorite scenes during the movie.
Our first meeting included a viewing of all of P&P2, the second, Emma, the third, Sense & Sensibility and the fourth, Persuasion. It seemed as though it was time to do Mansfield Park. Unfortunately, there was little love of the new adaptation (MP2), but we... adapted.

What could be done with MP2? We turned to Laurie C who came armed with props and ideas. The MP2 "Rocky Horror" turned out to be a hoot.

Along with the inevitable handkerchiefs (this year's bearing the motto "Never Renovate Jane"), water pistols for any occurence of wetness in the movie and feathers for the moment when Henry Crawford's doves are released, we also handed out balloons and magic markers.

Everyone blew up their balloons and drew Edmund faces on them. Now we had something to slap every time we judged that Edmund needed a slap upside the head.

Some of us decided that Mary Crawford could use a good slap herself and some more feminine faces appeared among our balloon heads.

So, we waved handkerchiefs when Fanny left Portsmouth, we whipped out the water pistols at a moments notice, but particularly when Fanny got caught in the rain. We released our feathers along with Henry's doves and Golda changed hats for almost every scene.

Among our attendees, we had a least one who had never seen Manfield Park 2. It was worth the trip just to see Carol's reaction.

Candace: I generally buy my water pistols when I get there.

Saturday began with our annual "photo op", the group picture that someone always misses. We wisely held this event in the middle of the weekend so that we got everyone in for a change (thanks to Gillian for being the photographer). And, for something completely different, LaurieC brought us all Pemberley Shades which we happily donned for one of our pictures.

We also took pictures of the Blue marbles in attendence as well as those who had been at all Five annual meetings and those who had been at Four annual meetings.

Saturday morning was designated as rehearsal time for those appearing in Saturday evening's "Ladies' Exhibition Evening". Rehearsals included musical numbers as well as a dress rehearsal and costume fitting for Lovers' Vows (more on this later).

We called upon Linda L's previous incarnation in the theatre to help transform Jen K into Mary Crawford. Others came even more prepared.
Saturday afternoon was devoted to some more video viewing. Kathleen had brought a VERY bad Alan Rickman movie that was redeemed only by a brief shot of Alan's naked behind at the very end (hardly worth waiting for). There was also a viewing of The Secret Laughter of Women, redeemed by the presence of Colin Firth. The more intrepid among us hiked to Cape Disappointment.

Catherine: I've spent my life on Cape Disappointment. Why would I want to go?

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