Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was The Ladies' Exhibition Evening. This event grew out of Candace's original rendition of The Mr. Collins Song.

This year began with a stirring dramatic reading from The Bar Sinister, which Myretta had brought to the meeting and couldn't give away.

Linda: Lovers’ Vows!! What can one say? The actors were superb, especially Fanny! If movies were still silent, LaurieC could have a brilliant career. And, of course, Kathleen(elder) as Agatha making sure that Frederick’s (LindaL) head stayed on her breast ;-)

The reading was followed by the distribution and playing of an elegant CD of Mr. Woodhouse's Advyce On the sad occasion of the retreat of the Ladies of the Republic of Pemberley to a seaside resort in Washington - July 2001, produced by Deborah Jane and her husband.

Inspired by Candace, Carol brought her version of The Gardiners' Theme and Debra R delighted us with both Lydia's Lament and Mrs. Golda Allen. Carolyn amazed the whole room by writing The Lady Catherine Song on the spot.

The Ladies' Exhibition Evening culminated with an abridged but classic production of Lovers' Vows by the Ladies of Pemberley Exhibition Players.

As always, the hardest part of the weekend is saying goodbye. We lingered in the dining room until we really had no choice but to vacate. Many of us promised to meet again next year in England and the rest talked about 2003 back on Cape Cod.

Click here to see more pictures of the weekend. And click here to keep an eye on upcoming meetings. We hope to see you at one.

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