Pemberley at Vegas - August 1997

Told by Cheryl Sneed


Samooch! Myretta and I picked up Amy at the airport Friday morning. Not being absolutely sure what she looked like Myretta held up a Republic of Pemberley sign, and I had a scanned photo of The Look which Ann2 had sent to me. Standing at the end of the runway, we held these up hoping that Amy would claim us when she saw us. We garnered lots of smiles and puzzled looks until we got the "Oh my God!" and the laugh we were seeking which identified Amy.

These two objects later adorned the door of the hotel suite to identify the room for attendees (although we were told that the laughter wafting down the hallway was sufficient.) When we closed the door that evening we found that Darcy had been *samooched* and he was wearing a most becoming shade of lipstick. Dina later confessed to being the Phantom Samoocher.


The hotel suite was located on the 10th floor of the Tropicana Hotel. It was a corner suite with large windows on two sides and commanded a wonderful view of the Strip and some impressive, outrageous and whimsical hotels.

Strawberries We played several parlor games Friday evening. Everyone upon entering was given a name tag with an alias printed on it and we all had to guess who they were. Some were easy (mine was *samooch*) and some were hard (no one got Amy's which was Strawberries.)

We had fun writing one sentence synopses for new Fan Fiction (we know how desperate Ann is for material!) using the convention "__________ at Pemberley."

The results were hilarious and may be found at: This location

Cat in HatThe hit of the evening, though, was a Daggy Poetry Reading written by our resident Dagmistress Hil and read by Myretta in the appropriate Darcy top hat.




We talked and laughed well into the night, no one wanted to leave.


The Rocky Horror Pride and Prejudice viewing began at 11am. Joan thoughtfully provided Candace with a toy bullhorn to keep the mob in check.Bullhorn
We were well provided with lots of Women's Food and grazed all afternoon.

Cat in Hat

Before we began, with scripts distributed, props gathered, drinks at the ready, the plastic on a "virgin" set of P&P2 tapes was ceremonially opened by Amy.

Ceremonial slitting

I wondered when I compiled the script, if people would really say all these lines out loud. I needn't have worried, for we said those lines and more, in perfect unison.

Blowing Bubbles

The props were used to great advantage, the most popular being bubbles (for Darcy's baaaaaath),

Darcy's bath

handkerchiefs to flutter when Mrs. Bennet's nerves got the better of her (well used),


various horsey sounds, flashlights or cigarette lighters for use when Her Ladyship is fond of a good blaze, evergreens to throw at the wedding,

blazing fires

and of course, the water pistols whenever Darcy got WET (another well used item!). Ann became our TV mopper and would dash to wipe down a very wet TV, sacrificing her own shirt in the process.Wet Darcy
Between tapes, we took short breaks to stretch, replenish plate and cups, and for some, to smoke in the stairwell.
Prize drawingWe also awarded door prizes by pulling name tags out of the Darcy hat. Prizes included an Emma2 movie poster, Sense and Sensibility piano sheet music, a Making of P&P2 video tape, a tacky JA souvenir from England, etc...
Just before each tape began we took nominations for Darcy Moments and then paused the tape to drool and sigh before moving on. Darcy Moment

Daggy Tally We also identified and kept a Daggy Tally, most illuminating...

Mailing Tube with Darcy Stamps

During one of the breaks between tapes, a tube mailed from Australia with special commemorative Darcy stamps affixed to it was opened, and Hil's latest artistic and poetic masterpiece was shared.

Amy with Hil's tube

Hilary's poster

Though most of the geek-type cats were away in Vegas, geekly duties at Pemberley were not ignored, and repairs to a damaged index page were successfully made.

Geeks at work

We were finished at 6pm and the room was trashed, but so many of these ladies are mothers and immediately began to clean. All it needed was vacuuming to be pristine once again.

After dinner on our own, most came back to view Perspectives on P&P, an educational video released in conjunction with P&P2 and put out by the BBC. It was during this time, when we were the quietest we had been all weekend, that the security guard showed up at our door to say we were too loud, people had complained! We trashed a hotel room and had security called on us, so we considered it a successful weekend. ;-)

Barbara's handiwork As we headed back to our rooms, Barbara (a most accomplished young woman) distributed decorative miniature flowerpots, made by her own hands and miraculously transported from Canada without damage, to each participant as mementoes of the Vegas weekend. (Photo is almost actual size.)


Most of our Republic Administration committee members were in Vegas so we held a business/geek meeting Sunday morning and talked over future plans for the Republic.

Brunch line

Those attendees still in town (the majority) met for brunch at 11am.

Brunch table 1

We were at two large tables and spent a good deal of time, when not eating, taking pictures.

Brunch table 2

Foursome 2

There were hugs and tears aplenty when we parted . We all knew that we would enjoy each other's company, but I don't believe we were prepared for how much we would love each other. It was a truly special weekend, one that will stay with us for a long, long time.

The whole gang

Front row: Candace, Barbara, Myretta, Ann

Second row: Clare, Candace's Particular Friend Barbara, Karen K, Oregon Andrea, LindaL, Clare's Particular Friend Sharon

Back row: Cindy, Dina, Amy, Kate, Kaf, SuzE, Cheryl, Joan,too.

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