2009 Republic of Pemberley AGM - Sonoma, CA

Prologue, Thursday Evening
About half of the Pemberleans attending this year's event were able to take Mr. Darcy's kind invitation for a barbecue at Candace's home. Many who attended were saddened to learn that Lizzy and Darcy had separated. It was hard to tell what Lizzy's thoughts were, as her face gave nothing away, but she staid upon the front porch while Darcy took pains to be seen amongst the guests. Happily, Captain Wentworth and Anne were also in attendance and very much together.
Pre-AGM cookout hosts
Photos of Mr. Darcy's Barbeque
Those in attendance admired Mr. Darcy's handiwork in the garden before settling down to a meal cooked up by Louie, one of the three Pemberley husbands present. As always, whenever we get together there is much laughter and talking, jokes and serious conversations. The evening was a harbinger of the weekend to come.
When we first arrived at Westerbeke on Friday, a few folks the previous group were using the swimming pool. We set up our registration table, and we brought our Mr. Darcy figure to stand close to the table. Several minutes later, one of the young women at the pool came over with a puzzled look, and said (with a sigh of relief!), "Oh, that's what that is. We were wondering why that man was standing there staring at us." - Kathleen (elder)
Friday Evening
The Pemberley folks (with Mr. Darcy and Captain Wentworth in tow) began descending on Westerbeke Ranch Friday afternoon. We shared the ranch with a lovely couple (and their dog) enjoying their 5th anniversary.

We were celebrating our 13th annual meeting, unlucky only in the fact that many of our members were not able to make it this year. To make up for this loss, some Pemberleans brought along companions this year: Geri Lynn's daughter Megan; Clare's particular friend, Sharon T.; and Sarah Hannah's mother, Susie N. Welcome to our group, ladies! Perennial tag alongs Candace's particular friend, Barbara, and Carolyn's sister, Sharon, also made it this year.

Day One
Mr. Darcy greets Pemberleans After greetings, people went to unpack and meet up for dinner. Carol Cleveland Bojarsky, a new chef since our last visit, served us a marvelous dinner, which was much appreciated, as the applause indicated. The meals were much talked of weekend long - the tasty veggies, the salad dressings, bacon, desserts, etc. were consistently delicious.

After dinner, we settled into our introduction session. This time, besides our names and number of years visiting Pemberley, we revealed either one very clever, two moderately clever, or three very dull things about ourselves. Many opted to tell about their first celebrity crushes, much to the delight and occasional teasing of the group.

After the introductions, Kathleen (elder)'s gift bags were passed out, containing lovely gifts not only from Kathleen, but from other Pemberleans as well. Then the group split up, some to watch movies, some to head for bed, and some to talk while we awaited our late arrival. Once Martine arrived, our final member was there, so we had to talk some more, late into the night. An opossum was startled to see us (and we were startled to see him, too!) when he made a late night visit to the pool.


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