Chronology of Pride and Prejudice, according to MacKinnon and Chapman

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See also Ellen Moody's alternative calendar for Pride and Prejudice.

[Chronological links are only in place to September 1812.]

The year 1811

Events of Volume I

Before Michaelmas (i.e. Sept. 29, one of the four `quarter days' according to which houses etc. were rented):
Bingley takes possession of Netherfield.
Tues 15 Oct.
Mr. Collins's letter sent to Mr. Bennet, who does not tell his family. About this time, the Meryton assembly is held, and Darcy's snub takes place. [Illustration <JPEG>]. A day later, the Lucas-Bennet confabulation.
[Not dated.]
Bingley and Jane become mutually attracted. Charlotte gives advice to Elizabeth. Darcy begins to find Elizabeth attractive. Evening at Sir William Lucas's. [Illustration <JPEG>]. Lydia and Kitty frequently visiting Meryton, on account of the officers of the recently arrived militia regiment quartered there.
Tues 12 Nov.
Jane is invited to dine at Netherfield. [Illustration <JPEG>]
Wed 13 Nov.
News of Jane's illness; Elizabeth goes to Netherfield.
Thurs 14 Nov.
Mrs. Bennet at Netherfield. Elizabeth remains.
Fri 15 Nov.
Elizabeth examines Darcy's temperament. Darcy begins to feel his danger.
Sat 16 Nov.
Darcy adheres to his book.
Sun 17 Nov.
The Bennet sisters leave Netherfield.
Mon 18 Nov.
Arrival of Mr. Collins.
Tues 19 Nov.
First appearance of Wickham. [Illustration <JPEG>]
Wed 20 Nov.
Supper with the Philipses. Elizabeth's conversation with Wickham.
Thurs 21 Nov.
The Bingleys visit Longbourn. Elizabeth suspects that Mr. Collins intends to propose to her.
Fri 22 Nov.-Mon 25 Nov.
A succession of rain.
Tues 26 Nov.
The ball at Netherfield. Elizabeth and Darcy dance. Elizabeth's relations "expose themselves" in front of Darcy [Illustration <JPEG>].
Wed 27 Nov.
Mr. Collins proposes [Illustration <JPEG>]; Bingley goes to London.
Thurs 28 Nov.
Elizabeth talks with Wickham. The Bingleys leave Netherfield.
Fri 29 Nov.
Mr. Collins at Lucas Lodge.
Sat 30 Nov.
Mr. Collins returns to Hunsford. Charlotte Lucas breaks the news of her engagement to Elizabeth.
Tues 3 Dec.
Mr. Collins promised letter of thanks arrives.
Mon 16 Dec.
His return to Longbourn.

Events of Volume II

? Dec.
Letter from Caroline Bingley to Jane.
Sat 21 Dec.
Mr. Collins's departure.
Mon 23 Dec.
The Gardiners come for Christmas.
Mon 30 Dec.
They leave, taking Jane.


Early in Jan.
Mr. Collins at Lucas Lodge.
Mon 6 Jan.
Jane has been a week in town.
Tues 7 Jan.
She calls in Grosvenor-street.
Wed 8 Jan.
Charlotte says good-bye.
Thurs 9 Jan.
The wedding.
Late in Jan.
Four weeks pass away without Jane's seeing Bingley.
Early in March
Elizabeth's farewell to Wickham; she goes to London.
?Thurs 5 March
Arrival at Hunsford
?Fri 6 March
Miss de Bourgh at the Parsonage [Illustration <JPEG>].
?Sat 7 March
They dine at Rosings.
?Thurs 12 March
Sir William leaves.
?Thurs 19 March
End of Elizabeth's first fortnight.
Mon 23 March
Darcy and Fitzwilliam arrive.
Tues 24 March
They call at the Parsonage. Jane has been in town (almost) three months.
Fri 27 March
It was doubtless on Good Friday that Darcy was `seen at church'.
Sun 29 March, Easter Day
The evening is spent at Rosings. [Illustration <JPEG>]
Mon 30 March
Darcy's first visit to the parsonage; from thenceforth Darcy and/or Colonel Fitzwilliam frequently visit the Parsonage.
Thurs 9 April
Elizabeth's conversation with Colonel Fitzwilliam. Darcy proposes.
Fri 10 April
Darcy's letter. Elizabeth's self-reproaches begin. She has spent five weeks in Kent.
Sat 11 April
Fitzwilliam and Darcy leave Kent, after a stay of `nearly three weeks'.
Fri 17 April
The evening spent at Rosings. [Illustration <JPEG>]
Sat 18 April
Elizabeth goes to London, after a visit of six weeks (and a few days).
Early in May
Jane, Elizabeth, and Maria Lucas return to Longbourn.
Late in May
The ----shire regiment, with Lydia, removes to Brighton.
Lydia's sixteenth birthday.
Northern tour is postponed to mid-July.
Sat 1 Aug.
Lydia's elopement.
Sun 2 Aug.
Colonel Forster sends an express to Longbourn.
Mon 3 Aug.
Jane mails her first letter to Elizabeth. Colonel Forster comes to Longbourn. [Illustration <JPEG>]. The Gardiners and Elizabeth at Lambton.

Events of Volume III

Tues 4 Aug.
Jane mails her second letter to Elizabeth. Mr. Bennet goes to town. The Gardiners and Elizabeth tour Pemberley [Illustration <JPEG>].
Wed 5 Aug.
Colonel Forster back at Brighton. Mr. Bennet writes to Jane. Darcy and his sister visit Elizabeth; Bingley says it is `above eight months' since 26 Nov.
Thurs 6 Aug.
The Gardiners and Elizabeth at Pemberley.
Fri 7 Aug.
Elizabeth hears from Jane; the dinner at Pemberley is cancelled, and the Gardiners and Elizabeth leave Lambton.
Sat 8 Aug.
They arrive at Longbourn. Darcy leaves Derbyshire for London.
Sat 9 Aug.
Mr. Gardiner leaves Longbourn.
Tues 11 Aug.
Mrs. Gardiner hears from her husband.
Fri 14 Aug.
Darcy calls in Gracechurch-street.
Sat 15 Aug.
Mr. Bennet returns. Mrs. Gardiner goes back to town. Darcy calls again, having ascertained that Mr. Bennet is gone.
Sun 16 Aug.
Darcy sees Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner.
Mon 17 Aug.
Mr. Gardiner's express (misdated August 2). Matters `all settled' between Mr. Gardiner and Darcy. Lydia goes to Gracechurch-street, where she remains for a fortnight. Mrs. Bennet comes down stairs for the first time in a Fortnight (since 2 Aug.).
Mon 31 Aug.
Wedding of Lydia and Wickham; they come to Longbourn [Illustration <JPEG>]; Lydia is sure Wickham will `kill more birds on the first of September than any body else in the country'.
Tues 1 Sept.
Darcy dines with the Gardiners.
Wed 2 Sept.
Jane writes to Mrs. Gardiner.
2 or 3 Sept.
Darcy leaves town.
?Fri 4 Sept.
Elizabeth asks Mrs. Gardiner for an explanation of Lydia's disclosures.
Sun 6 Sept.
Mrs. Gardiner replies.
?Thurs 10 Sept.
The Wickhams leave.
16 or 17 Sept.
Bingley expected at Netherfield. It is now `about a twelvemonth' since Mr. Bennet's waiting upon him had been first canvassed.
?Sat 19 Sept.
Bingley and Darcy call.
Tues 22 Sept.
They dine at Longbourn.
?Wed 23 Sept.
Darcy's confession to Bingley.
?Thurs 24 Sept.
Darcy leaves for town, to return in ten days' time. Bingley calls alone.
Fri 25 Sept.
He comes to dine, and stays supper.
Sat 26 Sept.
Bingley comes to shoot. He and Jane are engaged. [Illustration <JPEG>]
?Sat 3 Oct.
Lady Catherine's visit, about a week after the engagement, and two days after the `report of a most alarming nature' had reached after. [Illustration <JPEG>]
Sun 4 Oct.
Mr. Bennet hears from Mr. Collins, who, writing no doubt on Friday 2 Oct., says he mentioned the rumour of Elizabeth's engagement to Darcy `to her Ladyship last night'.
?Tues 6 Oct.
Bingley brings Darcy. The proposal; Elizabeth confides in Jane.
?Wed 7 Oct.
They walk to Oakham Mount. Parental applications.
?Thurs 8 Oct.
Darcy dines at Longbourn.
Before Christmas
The double wedding. The Gardiners are `to come to Pemberley at Christmas'.

[E-text editor's note: The novel Shirley by Charlotte Brontë is set during almost the same time-period. The double wedding which is the climax of Shirley takes place in August 1812, the same month that Lydia causes trouble in Pride and Prejudice.]

See also Ellen Moody's alternative calendar for Pride and Prejudice.

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