The highlight of Sunday was a group viewing of Northanger Abbey (complete with water pistols, of course) framed by an episode of "Inside the Authors' Studio", hosted by James Lipton (Linda Ann) whose guest was Jane Austen (Lynn). It was a wickedly accurate performance, a transcript of which can be found here: Inside the Authors' Studio. For those of you who have never seeen it, this was a parody of the television series, Inside the Actors' Studio, shown on Bravo Television.
It always amazes me just how much fun we have with water pistols
As is usual with any meeting, going to bed is particularly hard that final evening and a large group of ladies were up into the wee hours of the morning talking and talking and talking… It is what we do best, after all.

Saying goodbye is always bittersweet and heartfelt, with hugs aplenty designed to last us until next year, but knowing that it isn't quite possible.

Having the opportunity to do Cheryl's terrific "Actor's Studio" script and to work with Lynn as our favorite Author-ESS (and the luxury of getting an extra towel immediately afterwards because James Lipton apparently wears quite a bit of make-up).
Next year, we move west to Sonoma, California in the heart of Wine Country. We hope you will plan to join us! Pemberley 2005 - Sonoma


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