There was plenty of free time during the weekend to shop in Hyannis, to try the wares at the justly famous Four Seas Ice Cream Parlor, to walk along the beach, to sit in small or large groups to talk, or to watch Jane Austen videos. It seemed that Persuasion2 was playing 24 hrs a day.
There once was a Captain from Lyme,
Who was out looking for a good time,
He put down his book,
Gave Louisa a look,
And then he seduced her with rhyme!

--The Late Night Crowd
On Saturday, we took time out to watch Power P&P2, a two and a half hour condensed version of P&P2 with just the essentials (aka, the Darcy Bits) in congenial company. We also took the Official Group Portrait that afternoon while we still looked innocent, for that evening we descended into Depravity.
JulieW opened the Wickham and Willoughby Gambling Den and taught us all how to play two Georgian gambling games: Speculation, the game that Henry "The Pig" Crawford excels at, and Comet, invented in honor of the appearance of Haley's Comet in 1758. We even had plenty of fish with which to bet, and some of us were so vulgar as to count the number of fish we had won, a la Lydia Bennet. It was also determined that Linda Ann was never to be allowed to gamble again, as she proved to be quite proficient and offered to open "The Bank of Fish, a Gentle Institution of Loansharking."
Finding that I had some quirky ability to succeed at both Comet and Speculation, and being able to assist others by establishing "The Bank of Fish, a Gentle Institution of Loansharking."
The gaming was preceded by a surprise presentation by Lydia and the Superior Sisters, held over from last year's Pride and Prejudice, the Musical. Word had gotten out that Myretta has signed a two book contract with Kensington Press, Zebra to write two Traditional Regency Romances. The first one, Once Upon a Sofa will be published in May 2005, and Candace wrote Regency Writer to the tune of Paperback Writer by the Beatles to celebrate the event. They were a smash hit as they danced and sang in a capella harmony and left everyone with an earworm for weeks to come.
If the Beatles had had Candace for manager/producer/writer, they might have REALLY gone places!
--Debra R


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