Art in the Essex Garden

Box Hill
Saturday morning dawned beautiful again, and after a hearty breakfast many ladies departed for activities and destinations in nearby towns. Gloucester had shopping and Hammond Castle beckoned from near the ocean. There was a meandering path from the retreat center grounds down to the water where there was a bit of a beach and a lovely view. There was a scenic drive along the water where one could admire the huge mansions and ponder their price. A Box Hill luncheon (in keeping with our Emma theme) was served on the terrace dappled with sunlight that streamed through the tree branches (ok, yes, it did get a little hot there!).
Which Pemberlean: once sat on Chubby Checker's lap?
Afterward we all assembled on the steps for the annual group photo. We were joined by Frederick the Bear and Jane Austen the doll, who got acquainted during luncheon.
Boggle The afternoon was again lovely, weather-wise, and the activities were again many and varied. The Gambling Den opened in the dining hall, and some very stern faces were seen bent over the Boggle game. The Pemberley Customs House was in full swing as shoppers returned laden with packages to be examined and exclaimed upon before being squirreled away into bedrooms.
Which Pemberlean: dated 3 out 4 student body presidents while she was in college?
After another filling dinner we repaired to the main room for a bit of entertainment. Now our characterizations from the evening before would be put to use, in our very own Emma Dating Game. With Cheryl as the announcer and Laraine as hostess we were introduced to Kathleen (Elder) as Mr. Elton, Carol as Frank Churchill, Jezkalyn as Mr. Knightley and Lynn as Emma. The chuckles turned to guffaws as we followed the game show version of Emma's courtships. The questions asked of the bachelors were ones that had been handed out the night before whose answers were written by the ladies as if they were Frank, Mr. Elton or Mr. Knightley.
Download a video of The Emma Dating Game by right clicking on your preferred format and saving it to your desktop:


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