Whale Watch

Sunday NYT On Sunday morning some very intrepid ladies rose early, ate a cold breakfast and headed out to sea. Whale watching, that is. The whale activity was very high and everyone came back elated and amazed and refreshed. Several of those who stayed behind had made good use of their time by completing (in pen!) the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle - such accomplished ladies! The afternoon was again open for free time.
Which Pemberlean: is descended from Geoffrey Chaucer?
During the weekend it was easy to see who had some money burning a hole in the proverbial pocket: they could be found perusing the silent auction items, bidding against their rivals for everything from books to jewelry to hand made items. On Sunday evening the bidding came to a quiet close while the ladies were at dinner and the total amount earned for Pemberley was $700.
Which Pemberlean's grandmother: was asked by Flo Ziegfeld to join his Follies?
Last night
Last night
The second event of the evening was as revealing as it was amusing. Each of us was given an index card and were exhorted, Emma-style, to write One Thing Very Clever - something no one else would know about. Some of us have known each other so long that it was hard to think of something no one attending would know, but eventually all the cards were duly passed in and read aloud. We all tried to guess who the author of each card could be. Sometimes we could guess right off, but most of the time it was hard to figure out who it could be. Do you know which Pemberley citizen has a black belt in karate? Or who is descended from Geoffrey Chaucer? We learned a lot about our Pemberley friends that night!
As is usual on the last night, no one really wanted to go to bed. Lots of ladies stayed up late talking, others went off to pack for early flights or to chat with their roommates.
Which Pemberlean: has climbed to the top of a Pyramid?
Laurel's Masterpiece
Monday's breakfast was bittersweet and peppered with hugs of goodbye. Newbie or not, everyone knows that a weekend at Pemberley is a special time, one where you know that everyone has at least one big thing in common, where no one is judged and everyone is welcome.
Which Pemberlean: has a Tim Gunn Bobblehead next to her Jane Austen Action Figure?


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