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Definition: Republic of Pemberley Annual Meeting

  1. A literary conference where Jane Austen intellectuals come together to discuss and debate ad nauseum the intricacies of the author's work. (a tongue-in-cheek definition used typically with outsiders, such as a boss, to describe where you are going for the weekend).

  2. A gathering of like-minded Jane Austen lovers wherein we discuss the novels and various adaptations of said novels, the merits of each and the possibilities for conversion of those not already indoctrinated. (used with those who know a bit about Jane Austen, but aren't really interested in knowing more).

  3. A giant slumber party of sorts, with old friends and new, where wine, food and laughter flow freely, friendships are made and renewed, and merriment is made by taking ourselves and our honest love of Jane Austen none too seriously.(perhaps the truest definition of the annual meeting.)
Arriving at Westerbeke A lovely Friday afternoon at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, California saw a group of like-minded women gathering for what most knew, and the rest hoped, would be a weekend of fun, laughter, wine, good food and the best of company. As we arrived, we were greeted by Cheryl and others, giving room assignments and directions, but mainly with hugs. It was amusing to sit waiting for the new arrivals, and see the faces of friends coming up the stairs to the terrace and hear the cries of surprise and happiness. Each arrival was instructed as to where her cabin was, and given a folder which outlined the joys that awaited us during the course of the weekend. The silent auction was opened, and bidding began on some very interesting Jane Austen related items, the proceeds to go to Pemberley for upkeep.
First up? A brief introduction and orientation to Westerbeke Ranch with Margaret, the manager. Next, a lovely dinner. After dinner, we all gathered in the meeting room for a little fun. After a few announcements about what was in store for us this weekend, Myretta began the introductions. We went around the room, saying our names and sharing when and how we discovered Pemberley. The introductions were funny, sweet, and very touching. It is amazing to think how much Pemberley has come to mean to so many people, a haven set aside from the rest of our lives.
Death ~ Mr. Dashwood: When this card appears in a reading, metamorphosis is inevitable. The change may pertain to external circumstances or inner transformation...
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes
Opening nigt
Opening nigt
The Fool ~ Elizabeth Bennet: When this card is drawn in a reading, it strongly suggests... that this is a time of independent thought and action.
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes
Afterwards, the intention was to play some new version of the Friday Night Jane Austen game, but the East Coasters began dropping like flies from fatigue. After a large contingency trooped off to bed, it was decided that the game would wait until another time, when more people would be able to participate and enjoy.


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