Lavender Sunday was hot, but not oppressive, and there was lots of free time. Groups headed off to sculpture gardens, wineries and Sonoma, coming back for lunch and heading out again. Whenever anyone returned to the ranch from any sort of outing, they were required to go through Pemberley Customs: Cheryl was our resident inspector, requesting a view of every item of finery, every gift, and nearly every bottle of wine. She's been known to contribute to the area's tourist trade by virtue of these inspections - someone else inevitably sees something she would like to have as well, and goes and buys it. Dear Cheryl, so considerate of the local economy.
The main attraction on the terrace in the afternoon was Madame Myretta and her Jane Austen Tarot cards. For the price of only a compliment, Madame Myretta would read the cards and interpret what they might mean for your future. There were some sighs when a few ladies saw Mr. Collins in their future, but Madame Myretta reassured them that it didn't mean the actual Mr. Collins, but only the security he represented. Phew! Many ladies brought games to share, backgammon and such, but the hottest competition was over Boggle. There were some fierce adversaries, but in the end the victory seemed to have been spread pretty equally among the main players. The concentration over the letters, though. The steely-eyed silence. It quite took the breath away. Jane Austen Tarot
The Hermit ~ Mr. Bennet: The Hermit is a card of deep introspection. You may be feeling rather philosphical, and prefer your own company to that of others.
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes
Dinner Sunday evening was a little more low key than some of the other meals. We were slowly coming to realize that it was our last evening together, so every conversation, every laugh, seemed a little bittersweet. The laughter was doubled, however, after dinner. Everyone put their nametags in a hat, and each one was chosen randomly to choose their freebie from a side table. Prizes ranged from books, to bags, to note cards and pens. What a furor there was. But only in the most polite way, of course. The winners of the silent auction were announced as well, and a total of $770 was raised to support Pemberley. Thank you to everyone who donated and purchased items.
Entries from the game, which had been postponed from Friday night, were read. Our task had been to take the two Jane Austen characters we were given (usually completely unrelated) and write a title and synopsis for a scene between the two. The results were very witty, as is usually the case in this type of game, and they can be found here: Jane Austen Mashup.
The Devil ~ Lady Susan: You may possess an impeccable understanding of human nature - and an ability to manipulate others into carrying out your wishes.
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes
Karen2L shared with us a short DVD of three P&P3 trailers made for her by her husband. He obviously shares a similar sense of humor, as the trailers were hilarious. One made the movie out to be a gothic thriller, one a combination of Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice. Truly funny.
The Moon ~ Emma Woodhouse: When the Moon appears in a reading, it represents mysteries and their unfolding. This can include the enigma of your own truest, deepest feelings....
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes
The highlight of the evening, however, was a viewing of the Republic of Pemberley version of Pride and Prejudice: The Musical. In the summer of 2003, at Cape Cod, a contingency of Pemberley ladies threw together the most amazing production of a tongue in cheek Pride and Prejudice you could ever want to see. This year, the audience enjoyed watching it all over again on DVD (other years we have tried and been disappointed when the DVD didn't work properly). For more information on the musical, check out the Annual Report from the 2003 meeting.
The Tower ~ Granny's Teeth: When you receive the Tower card, you need to examine what "disaster" is occurring in your life and how you might have contributed to it.
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes
There were lots of ladies who were reluctant to go to bed, knowing that the morning would bring partings, so they stayed up late talking or watching another movie (the next viewing was of "Power P&P2"). But morning comes, as it inevitably does, and with it came the goodbyes. A few ladies left before breakfast, and some left directly afterward. The remainder relaxed on the terrace until after lunch. There were hugs galore, to finish the weekend the way it started, and there were some tears at the thought of parting from such wonderful friends, but we know that we will always "see you on the boards." It makes leaving each other a bit easier.
Many thanks to Candace, who did so much of the arrangements for our blissful weekend, and to the rest of the committee who planned our enjoyable time together. It will long be remembered.
The High Priestess ~ Jane Austen: This card's appearance in a reading indicates a wisdom beyond chronological years and experience. There is an instinctive knowing regarding the situation at hand, an ironic perspective that bespeaks an understanding of both human dreams and foibles. Great clarity and even a sense of the absurd permeates the present situation.
~Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes


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