Welcome to the new home of the Republic of Pemberley.  This is our second move since 2014 and  is our final attempt to retrench. In this newer, more streamlined place, you will find that some things have changed and some remain the same.

This page is your front door.  The menu bar under the header has drop-down menus that will take you to any page on the site.  This drop down menus will appear at the top of every page except the discussion boards, where the links will take you to menu pages for each header.

We have closed our discussion boards and have opened up a Facebook Discussion Group. Join us there. We’ll still be talking about the same things.

Our Life and Times archives is being used to populate the L&T Knowledge Base (on the Special Jane Austen Pages menu). This is a work in progress. Please bear with us.

Many of the subsidiary pages will look familiar. Some won’t.  Don’t hesitate to email manager@pemberley.com if you have any questions.

Although it’s a bit smaller, we’ve worked hard to make this new site even better than the old one while preserving as much of the Pemberley look as possible. We hope you continue to enjoy it.

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