About Us

The original P&P2BB, a one-horse web bulletin board (message board) for those addicted to the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, started by Amy Bellinger, spun off in July 1996 from AUSTEN-L, an email discussion list. In Nov. of 1996, Amy formed an informal partnership with Myretta and they, along with the volunteer committee, have seen the community through many changes to become The Republic of Pemberley as it is today. The community was nomadic for a time, but settled in at a fine ISP in Boston in March 1997, when we registered our own domain name. Amy and Myretta managed the site together until 2000. Amy has moved on to pursue other interests. Myretta now oversees the day-to-day operations of the site and the committee.


Every once in a while we update the look of our site. We have made albums of our previous designs. You can find them here: 1997-2003 | 2003-2011 | 2011-2014.

In 2017, in an attempt to retrench, Pemberley closed its discussion boards and replaced them with a Facebook Discussion Group. We’re still talking, we’ve just moved on to a new venue.

The collection of  supporting pages and associated sites are run by a volunteer committee headed by Myretta Robens and including Carol, Carolyn, Cheryl, Golda, Kathleen (elder), Laraine, Laurel, Linda, and Nan. You can reach the committee by e-mailing manager -at- pemberley.com (replace the -at- with the usual).