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Shop the Pemberley ShoppeThere is a wide variety of items for purchase at The Pemberley Shoppe. The Pemberley Shoppe provides a substantial and rotating selection of Pemberley and Jane Austen related goods, all designed by the clever Nan. We have mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, calendars and bumper stickers as well as many other fun items. All of these are customized with images you will recognize, from FUPs to dancing ladies. The Shoppe also has a Special Requests Section where you can ask to have your own graphics applied to a particular item. Nan will also take requests to put your favorite FUP on any item that catches your fancy.

The Pemberley Shoppe at CafePress

To make a special request, email manager-at-pemberley-dot-com


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Black Formal Dresses

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If you would like to advertise at the Republic of Pemberley or  have any questions about advertising, please e-mail Myretta at manager-at- pemberley-dot-com.


No matter how you choose to help us, please be assured that all contributions go to support the site. The committee that runs Pemberley is strictly volunteer and none of us profit from our involvement (except in the most spiritual way). We want you all to know that we appreciate your help and that we wouldn’t be here without you.