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May I use your content in the class I’m teaching?

To reuse the content of the Republic of Pemberley for any reason, including classes, websites, and books and articles, please visit our Terms of Use page and check the paragraph about Copyrights and Trademarks.

How does this site stay operational?

It does cost money to run this place.  No one profits from Pemberley. We operate mostly on contributions. For detailed information about our affiliates, subscriptions, and contributions, check our Affiliates and Subscriptions Page.

Where does the information in the L&T Knowledge Base come from?

The entries in this Database are culled from Pemberley’s Life and Times Board. References are included where available but much is historical knowledge from Pemberley users and Committee, particularly Julie Wakefield and Caroline Evans, former Life and Times hosts.

P&P2? Emma3? What do these numbers mean?

The P&P adaptation notation convention is something started on AUSTEN-L. The list members got in the way of referring to the two BBC versions as one and two, before remembering about the Olivier/Garson pseudo adaptation, and sneaked it in, database style.

The BBC made other versions of P&P, but none are available on video tape. Adaptations of the other novels have similar numbering schemes, though none have the quirky zero.

How do I cite The Republic of Pemberley in my research paper?

How you cite a web page depends upon the style manual you are using. Here’s a link to a The Citation Machine, which will configure most citations for you.  As there is no author at RoP, you needn’t cite one in your bibliography. Check the link to see how it’s done without one. As RoP is updated daily, you should use the last date you accessed the cite. Site copyright is 2004 to the present as is noted on the footer of each page. Some of the pages at Pemberley do have authors or editors. If you are using the Jane Austen Information Page, you can cite Henry Churchyard as the author/editor

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