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What is your posting etiquette?

In a true Austenian style, we adhere to posting etiquette.

  • Before bursting upon the scene and posting, spend some time getting to know us and what we talk about.
  • If you like to be rude (or love a brawl), you will not like our company. If you don’t like our ways, don’t come here. We do tease and needle each other in a Lizzyesque fashion, but endeavor not to be as mean as Emma was on Box Hill, and strive never to let our differences get personal.
  • Use your own name.  We find it helps to keep things friendly, civil and accountable when people can’t hide behind aliases. Just be yourself — we have never found it to be a problem here.
  • It’s polite to read all or at least the latest posts in a thread before posting to it. If you end up repeating the same view another participant voiced earlier, it tends to make that other participant think, “Didn’t anybody listen to me?”
  • Don’t correct people’s grammar or spelling, please. The threat of being corrected may impede discourse, and we want people to feel comfortable here.
  • Typing in all capital letters means that you are shouting. So, unless you mean to shout, don’t.
  • Don’t post links to your own commercial ventures.
  • Please do not post pictures from other websites within your messages without asking permission of the owner. Pictures use up quite a lot of bandwidth for which the person hosting the picture usually has to pay. When you post it within a message, it is loaded every time someone reads your message at a cost to the person who put it on the web. If you particularly want us to see a picture, it would be better to post a link so that it is not forced to load when the message is opened. Either way, however, the polite thing to do is ask first. Conversely, please do not post a picture hosted at Pemberley at another site.
  • We do not discuss religion, politics, or sports (this includes hunting) — even on the General Discussion board. So many other things to talk about, and lots of other places to talk of those things.
  • We do not discuss the personal lives of actors, authors or other celebrities. You may say what you like about their work, but let’s let them have whatever privacy they can get. Please don’t make rude personal remarks about them, either.
  • Some of our aging eyes have a rough time with all lowercase messages. There’s no rush here, as in a chat room, so if you’re inclined to make your messages a little easier to read, by starting off sentences with capital letters, the grannies would really appreciate it.

May I post whatever I want on the boards?

The Republic of Pemberley is a private website, not a public one. Because many people have access to the site, we must have some rules about what is written and posted. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to remove any post or to block anyone from posting at our site. If we must take such action, we will do it because we regard the post or the actions of the person who is posting to be incompatible with the tone of our site. If we do remove a post or block someone from the site, we may choose to tell the poster why. While we often enter into quite detailed discussions about the actions we choose to take, we do reserve the right not to provide any reasons or to discuss them. For more explicit rules for this site, please visit our Terms of Use and Privacy statements.

Is this site safe for children? Should I worry about what I say here?

Pemberley is safe for children, and we like to keep it that way. We have registered the site with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA), and have an almost perfectly safe rating. The only things that keep us from absolute purity follow is illustrations of Regency fashion (the low-cut dresses) and use of slang. It might surprise you to learn that we have children as young as nine years old who frequent Pemberley. To be sure, they are precocious if they’re reading Austen and liking it enough to want to discuss the fine points with us — but they’re still nine! So, keep those little faces in mind when posting out in to the faceless void. We appreciate your help.

What is a group read and how can I join one?

A group read is not as elaborate as it might sound. It is merely what we call it when we determine on reading and discussing a book. Pemberley group reads take place on the Group Read board, which is only open for the duration of the particular group read. You can find links to past group reads, can be found at the Group Read Archives which is always linked at the top of the Home Page (use the Related Reading drop down menu).

Can you give me a quick summary of the novels for a class paper?

The short answer is “no.” We do not help with homework of any sort. We love Jane Austen and want others to discover her for themselves. For a more complete explanation,see our homework policy. If you would like to read Jane Austen’s novels (which we encourage you to do), you can find searchable electronic texts of all her novels right here at Pemberley.

May I use your content in the class I’m teaching?

To reuse the content of the Republic of Pemberley for any reason, including classes, websites, and books and articles, please visit our Terms of Use page and check the paragraph about Copyrights and Trademarks.

How can I help support the site?

It does cost money to run this place.  No one profits from Pemberley. We operate mostly on contributions. For detailed information about how to help support us, check our Support page.

P&P2? Emma3? What do these numbers mean?

The P&P adaptation notation convention is something started on AUSTEN-L. The list members got in the way of referring to the two BBC versions as one and two, before remembering about the Olivier/Garson pseudo adaptation, and sneaked it in, database style.

The BBC made other versions of P&P, but none are available on video tape. Adaptations of the other novels have similar numbering schemes, though none have the quirky zero.

And what of this (NFM) or (nfm) on the subject line of messages? 

It stands for “No further message,” and is appended to the subject line of a message that has no content, except that which is contained in the subject line itself. It alerts a message reader to the fact that there is no need to take the time to load the message file. Please use this feature with discretion. Employ it for brief responses rather than for initial posts or requests for information, since barking out a query with no message is a little abrupt and offputting. Make your subject line contain no more than 10 words, and if you have more to add to the discussion than “I agree” or “Thank you,” please do just go ahead and write a message.

How can I contact another Pemberlean?  Are email addresses visible to others?

Personal messages should always be emailed, never posted.  Posters may choose to hide their email addresses using the privacy option on their control center to prevent outside commercial ventures from harvesting them, however, so if you wish to contact another Pemberlean personally, you may post a brief message in response to one of theirs asking them to email you (and providing them with your email address).  You may later post a request for deletion at the Help Board so that your email address doesn’t remain on the board.

Can I post my Home page at Pemberley?

Many Pemberleans have personal web sites or blogs on the internet. If the content of the web site does not contravene any of our site rules concerning child-friendliness or against discussing religion and politics, many of our Newcomers like to post a link to their own sites in their biography when they register. However, other than that instance, we ask that links to personal sites not be included on other messages. If your browser asks if you want to remember this link, check “no” otherwise it might appear in all your subsequent posts. Please be aware of this and check to make sure you are not linking to your own site with every post. Also, we do not allow posters to use any of our boards to publicize their own commercial ventures, so please do not link to any site like this at any time, even in your biography.

Why was my post deleted?

Sometimes the Committee determines that a post must be deleted. This decision is reached when a post violates site policy, such as the discussion of politics, religion, sports, or topics that would invalidate our child-friendly site rating; the use of profanity; requests for medical advice, dating advice, or homework help; posts that belittle the opinions of others; etc. When a post is deleted, a Committee member will e-mail the poster if the infraction is not obvious and if we have a valid e-mail address. If a poster does not receive an e-mail and wishes to question a deletion, the subject should be addressed at the Help Board.

Do I have to post in English?

Pemberley is an international community, with native speakers of many languages participating, and the language we use on our boards is English. Although there are probably others who would understand a message written in another language, such messages exclude everyone else, therefore we ask that our participants not post in other languages. Don’t worry about your English if it is not your first language. No one will correct or criticize the way you express yourself and we will all understand that you wish to obsess about Jane Austen with the rest of us. If you do wish to find others who discuss Jane Austen in your first language, check out the Links below for sites in German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and other languages

How do I cite The Republic of Pemberley in my research paper?

How you cite a web page depends upon the style manual you are using. Here’s a link to a The Citation Machine, which will configure most citations for you.  As there is no author at RoP, you needn’t cite one in your bibliography. Check the link to see how it’s done without one. As RoP is updated daily, you should use the last date you accessed the cite. Site copyright is 2004 to the present as is noted on the footer of each page. Some of the pages at Pemberley do have authors or editors. If you are using the Jane Austen Information Page, you can cite Henry Churchyard as the author/editor

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