Eye Jewelry

Link for more details: http://www.candicehern.com/collections/01/eyes.htm

Eye Jewelry is terribly rare today.I have hunted for one for years and never found one, as I collect mourning jewellrey and covet them.

For further reading I would reccommend a good book on lovers gifts of jewellrey: We recommend The Triumph of Love: Jewlrey 1530- 1930 by Geoffrey Munn, of Wartski jewellers in London. Sadly this now seems to be out of print, but it may be available on used book sites or Google Books. It is a beautiful book,but it was quite expensive when first published so be warned…:-)

A cheaper alternative may be Sentimental Jewellery by 
Ann Louise Luthi from Shire Publications. I have not seen a copy of this book but it might be worth a look at that price.Here is an Amazon link….:-)