Lottery Tickets and Fish

There are mentions of a game called ‘Lottery Tickets’ in chapters 15 and 16. It is a “round game”, in which you win if you hold a certain card (the winning lottery ticket). See this link at the JA Info Site describing other card games of our period.

In Chapter 16 there is a mention of Lydia winning and losing ‘fish’ during the game of lottery tickets. Fish are the Regency equivalent of a modern day poker chip. Here is one:

Here is a group of fish:

1) Mother of Pearl (thick) carved mackerel
2) Ivory “Fat Mop”
3) Plain Mother of Pearl fish (no carving)
4) Mother of pearl thick mackerel markings carved fish
5) Bone fish (with his eyes incised by heat, like poker work: I hate to think what disreputable gambling hell this came from)
6) Ornate Chinese seal/characters Mother of Pearl fish.
7) Think cut Mother of Pearl fish with ornate tail

Of course, if you were rich enough you had your own gaming tokens engraved in China with your coat of arms or heraldic device. Our experts guess that Henry Crawford had a fantastic set, as did Willoughby.

Also, ladies could save up the fish won at cards and the little mother of pearl fish could be strung into jewelery. One can find antique necklaces made up of these pretty tokens.