Northanger Canon

The Northanger Canon is the list of “horrid books” which Catherine Morland and Isabella Thorpe plan to read. Check out the list and book synopses. They are indeed “horrid”.

These include:

The Mysteries of Udolpho. By Ann Ward Radcliffe

The Castle of Wolfenbach; or the Horrid Machinations of the Count Berniti. By Mrs. [Eliza] Parsons

Clermont. A Tale. By Regina Maria Roche

The Mysterious Warning, a German Tale. By Mrs. Eliza Parsons

The Necromancer; or, The Tale of the Black Forest, Founded on Facts: Translated from the German of Lawrence Flammenberg by Peter Teuthold. By Karl Friedrich Kahler

The Midnight Bell. A German Story, Founded On Incidents in Real Life. By Francis Lathom

The Orphan of the Rhine. A Romance, In Four Volumes By Mrs. [Eleanor] Sleath

The Horrid Mysteries. A Story From the German Of The Marquis Of Grosse. By P. Will

The Italian By Anne Ward Radcliffe