Servants based on Household Income

From the pages of “The Complete Servant” by Samuel and Sarah Adams, here is a recommended table of the number of servants for a household based on the annual income.

The book was published in 1825 and was the first of its kind. The authors had both begun service at the lowest levels and worked their way to the highest they could attain – he as a House Steward and she as a Housekeeper.

£150 or guineas.

A Widow or other unmarried Lady, may keep a Young Maid Servant, at a low salary; say form 50 to 10 Guineas a year.

£150 to £180.

A Gentleman and Lady without children, may afford to keep a better Servant-Maid, at about 10 or o12 Guineas.

About £200.

Ditto. A professed Servant-Maid of All-Work, at from 12 to 14 Guineas.


Ditto, with one, two, or three Children. Two Maid-Servants.


Ditto, Ditto. Three female Servants, or two and a Boy; viz.-A Cook, House-Maid, and Nursery-Maid, or else, instead of the latter, a boy,-with a gardener occasionally.


Ditto, Ditto. Three females and a Boy; viz.-A Cook, House-Maid, and Nursery-Maid, with a Boy as Groom, and to assist in the House and Garden. A Gardener occasionally.

£500 to £600.

A Gentleman and Lady with Children. Three Females and one Man; viz.-A Cook, House-Maid, and a Nursery-Maid, or other Female-Servant; with a Livery-Servant, as Groom and Footman. A Gardener occasionally.

£600 to £750.

Ditto, Ditto. Three Females and two Men; viz.-A Cook, House-Maid, and another Female Servant; a Footman, and a groom, who may assist in the Garden, and a Gardener occasionally.

£1000 to £1500.

Ditto, Ditto. Four Females and three Men; viz.-A cook, two House-Maids, a Nursery-Maid, or other Female Servant; a Coachman, Footman, and a Man to assist in the Stable and Garden.

£1500 to £2000.

Ditto, Ditto. Six Female and five Men-Servants; viz.-A Cook, Housekeeper, two House-Maids, Kitchen-Maid and Nursery-Maid, or other Female Servant; with a Coachman, Groom, Footman, Gardener, and an assistant in the Garden and Stable.

£2000 to £3000.

Ditto, Ditto. Eight Female and eight Men-Servants; viz.-A Cook, Lady’s-Maid; two House-Maids, Nurse, Nursery-Maid, Kitchen-Maid and Laundry-Maid; with a Butler, Valet, Coachman, two Grooms, a Footman, and two gardeners.

£3000 to £4000.

Ditto, Ditto. Nine Female and eleven Male Servants; viz.-A Housekeeper, Cook, Lady’s Maid, Nurse, two House-Maids, a Laundry-Maid, Kitchen-Maid, and a Nursery-Maid; with a Butler, Coachman, two Grooms, Valet, two Footmen, two Gardeners, and a Labourer.

£4000 to £5000.

Ditto, Ditto. Eleven Female and thirteen Male servants; viz.-A Housekeeper, Cook, Lady’s-Maid, Nurse, two House-Maids, Laundry-Maid, Still-Room Maid, Nursery-Maid, Kitchen-Maid, and Scullion, with Butler, Valet, House-Steward, Coachman, two Grooms, one Assistant Ditto, two Footmen, three Gardeners, and a Labourer.