Another highlight of the Annual Meeting has been the "giveaways". Members bring Jane Austen related items and we draw names for prizes.
This year we had so many items, that we were able to make up gift bags for everyone. These held items that had been provided in sufficient quantity that there was one for each participant.
Winning Catherine's lovely cross stitch artwork for the old P&P board design during the silent action (sorry Amy!). Catherine: I would have paid more if I could see a bit of a damp Darcy!
These included the We none of us perform to strangers tile coaster, Linda's annual bookmarks and some great Jane Austen key chains and boxes provided by Kathleen(elder).

On top of the gift bags, we had so many donations this year, that we ended up drawing names and allowing people to go to the gift tables twice.

Even though she could not attend, Laurel Ann sent cartons of homemade Jams and Jellies that turned out to be highly prized.

Last year, a silent auction raised a nice contribution for Pemberley, so we decided to do that again this year. In addition to giveaways, people brought items of slightly greater value.

The items on the silent auction table were mostly books, many hard-to-find (The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy was one of the most sought after). Once again, it was a success and added over $400.00 to Pemberley's coffers. This is definitely something that we mean to continue.

Door prizes - there were so many; and of such quality! Paper dolls, sequels, bios, other books, video tapes, CDs, and homemade jam with fitting names, and more!.
Meeting old friends and making new ones is always a special part of these weekends, and the laughter lasts long after we're all home again.
The process and the prizes were a lot of fun and quite a few Pemberleans went home with a treasure.


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