After Pemberley's unforgettable trip to England in 2002, we retreated to familiar territory for 2003. Craigville Conference center on Cape Cod in Massachusetts was the location of our Second and Fourth Annual Meetings and has begun to feel like home. 2003 had a large turn out. We filled the Lodge with nearly 50 people and, as always, enjoyed it immensely
Whilst everyone checked in, a select committee ventured into Hyannis (an easy distance) for women food. For, as you know, no Pemberley meeting would be complete with out a wide selection of sweets, snacks and coffee.

As it turned out, much of this was unnecessary this year for everyone seemed to have brought regional goodies. Cinthia came laden with all manner of Mexican treats. Many of our Canadian attendees brought distinctly Canadian sweets. Others had baked and Tori Marie could not resist bringing every type of Oreo cookie known to woman.

One of the unfortunate habits we developed during our 2002 Jane Austen tour of England was a prediliction for Pimms. Many of us had never tried this distinctly English concoction before, but we were certainly willing to try it again.

We arrived at Craigville with cases of Pimms and dragooned JulieW and Laurel into preparing Pimms for forty-seven to enliven our opening night festivities.

Pimm's on Friday evening (cucumber is the secret - wink, wink, JulieW)
--Linda (Ann)
The theme of this year's opening game was "snipping", a subject near and dear to all our hearts. Participants drew names of Jane Austen characters and wrote "please snip" messages in the voice of that character. You will find some of the messages AT THIS LINK. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to identify the characters.

And because our dear Tori Marie developed an early obsession for snipping and has become the snipping champion of Pemberley, at the end of the game we made her the official Pemberley Cut Lass and awarded her with the appropriate uniform.

Women Food - who knew there were so many kinds of Oreos?


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