The 2003 weekend extended from Friday through Monday morning. The extra time gave the Pemberley Players time to rehearse for the high point of the weekend, P&P, the Musical. But, it also gave attendees time for some adventuring on their own.
There was a bag full of Jane Austen adaptations sitting by the VCR during the entire weekend. The only ones missing were the Bollywood versions and Jen K resolved that problem by bringing a DVD that Kathleen screened on her PC.

Although the Emma2 Rocky Horror viewing was scheduled for the next evening, a group elected to put Emma3 in the VCR and make a few comparisons.

Putting my toes in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time early Saturday morning.
--Linda (Ann)
Several people brought photo albums and left them in the main room for all to enjoy. Most of the albums were of our England trip, but Linda has kept meticulous records of every meeting she has attended. It is always fun to look back at what we have done together since The Republic of Pemberley came into existence.

On the right, Sansanee and JenMuse pore over the albums while Candace's Particular Friend, Barb and Ginny2 have a chat.

Carolyn presenting me with a book entitled "Diamond in the Rough" -- a Regency romance golf novel! I'm still chuckling over it. (Thanks, Carolyn!)
--Laurie C
Sansanee's Beauty Pageant Wave
--Michele S
Weather permitting, there is always time for a little sea bathing and a trip or two to Four C's for ice cream. The Cranberry Sherbet is highly recommended.
People hung around outside and inside. Old friends met again and met for the first time. And we shopped! Several people set up a customs station outside the front door of the Lodge and examined packages as people returned from Hyannis.
There was an excessive amount of hugging and we had our annual group picture taken.
Hugs, hugs, hugs. We're a very huggy group. My favorite kind.
In short, it was everything we expect an RoP meeting to be and more....


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