We once again repaired to the Craigville Conference Center for the fourth time for Pemberley's Annual Meeting. We had the run of the largest building on the site, with plenty of space for sizeable gatherings for boisterous events and plenty of nooks for quiet conversation.
What a diverse, interesting group of women with whom to compare such different experiences of life....and all touched by Jane in some special way. The most excellent company indeed.
--Jen K
One of the first objects of any Annual Meeting is the procurement of Women Food. Lots of Women Food. The shoppers, Candace, Nan, Lynn and Laraine filled three shopping carts with coffee, soda, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers and lots and lots of Oreos.
Cape Cod potato chips!
Friday night, the 34 attendees reintroduced themselves and welcomed five Annual Meeting Newbies, who fit seamlessly into the mix. We played our annual opening game, wherein Jane Austen characters made fundraising pleas for Pemberley. Our efforts may be found here: The Fundraising Game
Gift bags containing goodies and chotchkes were distributed and the door prize table was picked clean as such treasures as a Pemberley License Plate Holder, a Bridget Jones' Diary DVD, Audio Tapes, books and bags were snatched up.
The Craigville cafeteria hostess, bless her heart, introduced our group to the others as having a fondness for Joan Astin. I blame Joan for the hilarity that ensued.
--Laurie C
This must always be Number 1 on my list: Seeing my friends again-(the company of educated, like-minded people!), falling into conversations that feel as if they'd not ended a year ago,while simultaneously catching up on our year's worth of news.
We also began taking bids on more select items for the Silent Auction. These items of more value and rarity included rare books, antique Regency gaming tokens, handmade bags and afghans. The winners were announced the final evening and $800 was raised for Pemberley's coffers.


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