Kingsweston, Glocestershire

The New History Survey and Description of the City and Suburbs of Bristol or Complete Guide and Informy and Useful Companion for the Residents and Visitants of this Ancient Extensive and Increasing City ,the Hotwells and Clifton etc" (1794) By William Mathews

Four miles N.W. from Bristol, the seat of Lord de Clifford, a noble mansion of stone built by Sir John Vanborough. Here is a capital collection of paintings, extensive gardens and plantations and an incomparable hot house. From Kingsweston and Peupold hills are some of the most beautiful prospects imaginable of the Avon, Severn, Channel and Wales

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“To Bristol! Is not that a great way off? But, however, I cannot go with you today, because I am engaged; I expect some friends every moment.” This was of course vehemently talked down as no reason at all; Mrs. Allen was called on to second him, and the two others walked in, to give their assistance. “My sweetest Catherine, is not this delightful? We shall have a most heavenly drive. You are to thank your brother and me for the scheme; it darted into our heads at breakfast–time, I verily believe at the same instant; and we should have been off two hours ago if it had not been for this detestable rain. But it does not signify, the nights are moonlight, and we shall do delightfully. Oh! I am in such ecstasies at the thoughts of a little country air and quiet! So much better than going to the Lower Rooms. We shall drive directly to Clifton and dine there; and, as soon as dinner is over, if there is time for it, go on to Kingsweston.”

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