Petty France, Glocestershire

The Strangers' assistant & guide to Bath: (1793)

MACHINE from Bristol to Leicester and Coventry in Two Days Sets out every Monday and Thursday from the White Lion in Broad street Bristol and the Turk's Head in Leicester meet at the Unicorn in Morton that night and return the next night at seven o clock to the said inns will call at Hinckley Warwick Cirencester Tetbury Petty France and Sodbury Inside passengers to Leicester 1l ios to Coventry iL 3s allowed 141b wt of luggage all above to pay three halfpence per pound Small parcels under half a pound 6d .

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Inns: Cross Hands

 Chapter 20 
The tediousness of a two hours’ wait at Petty France, in which there was nothing to be done but to eat without being hungry, and loiter about without anything to see, next followed — and her admiration of the style in which they travelled, of the fashionable chaise and four — postilions handsomely liveried, rising so regularly in their stirrups, and numerous outriders properly mounted, sunk a little under this consequent inconvenience.

A very short trial convinced her that a curricle was the prettiest equipage in the world; the chaise and four wheeled off with some grandeur, to be sure, but it was a heavy and troublesome business, and she could not easily forget its having stopped two hours at Petty France.


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