Wick, Glocestershire

The Improved Bath Guide or Picture of Bath and Its Environs (1810) S. Simons Publisher

To the left of the monument [to the memory of Sir Bevil Granville], at a distiance of three miles, is the village of Wick, remarkable for the lovely and romantic valley in its neighbourhood; but hte chief object of attraction is the rocks, a great natural curiosity formed on each side of a deep rugged glen about three quarters of a mile in length, which rise in the most lofty part to the height of two hundred feet. These rocks in many places have a sparry substance on them, which Sir Robert Atkyns has styled rock diamonds; but these are neither so hard nor of so fine a lustre as the Bristol stones. Belemnites, astroites and serpentine stones are found here; as have been several Roman coins, an other antiquities.

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 Chapter 11 
“Make yourself easy, there is no danger of that, for I heard Tilney hallooing to a man who was just passing by on horseback, that they were going as far as Wick Rocks.”

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