Tetbury, Glocestershire

Kearesley's Traveller's Entertaiing Guide through Great Britain (1801)

Tetbury has a considerable market for corn, cattle, cheese, malt, yarn, wool and provisions. Here was a large handsome church, which was totally destroyed by being undermined by a flood in1770. Here was once a castle. Several Roman-coins have been dug in and near the town. Near it is a petrifying spring, which incrusts pieces of wood with a strong irony substance. Five miles on r. is Kingcote, C. Kingcote, esq. The last place is supposed to have been a Roman station, from many Roman coins ploughed up some years ago, besides a large stature of stone and a fibula vesiaria of silver, chequered and enamelled.

Inns: White Hart, Three Cups

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 Chapter 7 
He took out his watch: “How long do you think we have been running it from Tetbury, Miss Morland?”

“I know it must be five and twenty,” said he, “by the time we have been doing it. It is now half after one; we drove out of the inn–yard at Tetbury as the town clock struck eleven; and I defy any man in England to make my horse go less than ten miles an hour in harness; that makes it exactly twenty–five.”

“You have lost an hour,” said Morland; “it was only ten o’clock when we came from Tetbury.”


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